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Design Concepts …Take Two

Since the demo will take some time,  this is the perfect opportunity to start purchasing the remaining fixtures for the bathroom.

The bathroom reno has been a little more challenging than the kitchen. Even though it’s a smaller space, there are more components to the room that need to work together….and I’m starting to get design decision fatigue.

This is a good time to remind myself:

  • The only certainty is there is no certainty
  • Every decision, as a consequence, is a matter of weighing probabilities
  • Despite uncertainty we must decide and must act
  • We need to judge decisions not only on results, but on how they were made

On that note →

I have been researching bathroom inset medicine cabinets and I can’t believe how many different variations and price ranges are available.

I fell in love with the cabinet below until I looked at the 1,500 dollar price tag – and was quickly brought back to reality. Anything I place in this cabinet will never amount to the price of the actual cabinet!!

After much research, I decided on the Restoration Hardware Whitby Inset Medicine Cabinet in the Weathered Oak finish.

Once I read the description “Solid Oak and the gracious curve of a Georgian arch create architecturally inspired bathroom storage” I was sold!

Since we + guests will be spending some time in front of this mirror, I want something that leaves an enduring impression.

Perfect timing as well, Restoration is having a bath sale. Load up the cart!

Since the sale is on, best to check out what type of bathroom lighting is available.

I’m looking for something a bit more industrial to offset the traditional vanity. I don’t want to go chrome, even thought the legs of the console are chrome…matching is so overrated.

The Edison caged sconce in the Polished Nickel and the Turner Flushmount is pretty much bang on in terms of cinching the deal. They both have enough of an industrial look to provide an edge, but doesn’t detract from the curves of the medicine cabinet.

Restoration Hardware you make my heart flutter ♥

Next, Bathing: I love the claw foot tubs, although I would prefer a more modern take on the claw foot.  Like a freestanding bathtub.

The problem with the claw foot/freestanding bathtub is that I need one that is about 58″ X 30″ so that it fits in the space properly and still has enough room to accommodate freestanding exposed plumbing accessories. Since this size isn’t standard, I would be looking at 2K + for a claw foot tub and 6K+ for a modern freestanding bathtub.

We also love the Maax Rubix Tub. It’s a sleek  squared off tub with maximum showering space at 60″ X 32″. It’s also long enough for Chris (who’s 6’2″) to fit in the bath with his legs stretched out.

The Maxx Rubix is looking really good.  Great Look+Price+Functionality = Purchased

Possibly invite Eddie to christen the “Hot Tub”

Time to take a design breather…then back to the grind with the tiles.  À bientôt!