Checklist ✔ Bathroom complete

After a few more hiccups, the bathroom is finally ready for use.

We had one final issue with the marble tiles. The tile guy sold us the wrong sealer to apply to the marble floor. Instead of a clear sealer which needs to be used on light marble, he gave us a yellow sealer which immediately turned our tiles yellow.

Of course, panic set in.

We immediately did some research online and called a reputable stone restoration shop.  The staff at Stone Aid was incredibly professional and were able to come in and rectify the problem quickly.  Not only did they fix the floor, they re-grouted and sealed both the floor and bathroom tiles. They advised that the yellow sealer was only to be used on dark stone, such as limestone, not on marble. So thankful they were able to come and save our floor!

Love. That’s my silver lining to the story.

Now to the good part.  Reveal the updated and (finally) ready to use “Salle de Bain”.

Drum roll please…actually make that a Hot Chip tune.







The only remaining piece of the old bathroom is the vintage door handle that I kept. It is quite beautiful and provides that old world glamour to the rest of the room.

I love how all the various components tie in together to provide a modern feel to a traditional look.  I wanted to achieve a “new” old New York hotel sensibility and I feel that it works for the space.

Time for that long awaited bath.

Or not. The Deck is coming up next…looking forward to keeping you all posted.



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