The Final Countdown

It’s been a while since I have updated the blog. An important reason being a new arrival for my brother and his fiancée which kept us busy and travelling!

Ahhh the bathroom.

Since we last chatted, the drywall has been placed, ventilation secured and the heated floor mat is ready to go.


I searched long and hard and came full circle to probably what were the most obvious choices.

It came down to subway tiles vs. a wood grain reproduction in porcelain. I loved the wood grain and the warmth it could potentially bring to the room. The only difficulty I had was persuading my significant other to see the vision.

Subway tiles are nice, but I wanted something a little more 3 dimensional. That was up until I saw them in a beveled version. We finally came to an agreement that we could both sign off on.

Although, I felt that just a subway tile would not be enough for the bathtub surround… I wanted to create an interesting focal point. So I decided to add a mosaic of high gloss tile in black and white to frame the shower kit.

The only problem is that we didn’t realize what was in store for us with our choices. Should be easy to slap the tiles on right?


Because the subway tile is beveled there are many challenges with corner cuts. You are basically left with a wave effect vs. a perfectly flat angle. You need to ensure that each corner tile needs to be flat against the same cut  then pushed tight to each other, and add a thick coat of  white (non-clear) silicone. This must be done with extreme skill or you are toast. Seriously.

Umm and I forgot about the edges.  Back we went looking for a finishing tile that was close to the same white but also needed to be at least . Which is pretty much impossible.

Since I had the luxury of entering every single tile shop in the GTA, I had a pretty good idea of where I could find a good finishing tile.

Mosaic complete with shower fixtures

How about the tile for the floor, you ask?

We wanted marble. You can pretty much find a ton of different marble variations everywhere.  Except the variation we loved was the 2″ Polished Hexagon Carrara marble, which I came to realize quickly little to no retailer carried.

Why not be content with the 1 inch that every retailer has? Because we love to be tormented. You can’t take the fun out of the chase, when you’re addicted to the chase.

I knew just the person to help with the chase.  I made a few phone calls and the tiles magically appeared!

Let’s seal these babies up!

We also found a toilet that fits perfectly within the space. It was an issue trying to find one that was small, comfortable and has the right design sensibilities.

Look no further than a Toto…jackpot!

Now we just need to install pretty much everything, slap on a few coats of paints and we are ready to reveal the final product.

Almost there….I can feel it.  A bientôt!



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