Mission Demolition

 It’s time to get our hands dirty

To be quite frank with you…I’m actually not really looking forward to tearing down walls and pulling out the floor in this old house. I’m pretty sure that there are going to be a few suprises and not all of them will make us ecstatic. B Squared (Bill + Bonnie) are back up from Ottawa do get this job done right.

I’m fully committed (for once) so let’s do this. There is no turning back now.

First thing to go is that awful vanity. Hello, Habitat!

The next removal was the medicine cabinet.  I have to admit… did kinda get attached to the medicine cabinet and apparently it didn’t want to let go either. Wasn’t a simple task taking it out.

In honor of the medicine cabinet and its faithful utility, I decided to purchase an inset cabinet vs. a plain mirror for the new bathroom. Definitely a great use of space that would otherwise be unusable.

We were floored at how thick the tiles were.

How thick, you ask? Marble basketweave tiles with about 2 inches of cement.

It was an intense workout having to drag the tile and cement remnants from the second level of the house and dump them in the backyard.

What boggled our minds is that the cement was poured over and covered the water pipes. How exactly would we be able to get to the pipes if there ever was a leak??

The Big Reveal…our pipes!

If we thought ripping out the floors was bad…get a load of our cast iron tub that needs to be removed. Speaking of pipes, I googled how many people it would take to remove this beast of a tub, and they advised against removal as it would take about 4 – 5 Olympian sized men. Best to break it into tiny pieces with a sledgehammer.

Although, the boys were able to somehow drag it out under the supervision of Bonita. It’s now found a new home on our 2nd floor landing until we can figure out what our next steps are.

Did I forget to mention how insanely messy it was to rip out the plaster on all the walls?  The plaster was about 2 inches thick and had a lovely steel mesh adding to the weight of the plaster. I think we lost approximately 40 pounds combined that day.

Note to self – Renos = Rad Beach Bod

The biggest disappointment was a ventilation pipe smack dab in the most inappropriate spot. It is located exactly where we were planning to place the new throne (toilet), next to the vanity so that when you walk into the bathroom, it was out of the main sightline.

Panic quickly set in…

  1. Stage One Denial: ”This can not be happening”
  2. Stage Two Denial: ”Ok I closed my eyes, opened them and it was still there”
  3. Bargaining: ”Can’t we move the toilet flange and drain pipe around the vent? How about if I buy a smaller vanity even though it may cost me a small fortune. Can the toilet float off a wall??”
  4. Stage Three Denial: ”We can move this vent, no problem right? How difficult can it really be to open up the dining room ceiling and re configure this system?”
  5. Acceptance: ”It’s going to be OK. We will figure out another option”

You made it look easy, Bob Vila.

We decided that the toilet can only be placed under the window, as we can’t move the vent and moving the toilet flange/drain pipe will require extensive work. This of course means the original plans for the new bathroom configuration has been completely derailed.

Well, you can’t have it all I guess but who says you can’t try. Back to the drawing board.

At least now we now what we’re up against.

2 Responses to “Mission Demolition”

  • Jimmy P

    Move the tub into the back yard, put it into the ground and create a small lap pool for Dyte. Or a water feature…
    Bet you wish you had that Jacuzzi tub I offered you 2 years ago…LOL

  • Suzanne Corey

    Holy renos. That is total DIY. I bet it will look awesome when you are done. I do love that cast iron tub.

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