I Dream of Vanities

Now that we have an idea of what the bathroom will look like, the next step is to find a vanity that suits (and fits) the space as it will be the anchor for the overall design.

The existing bathroom is about 6 feet by 5 1/2 feet. Once we tear down the closet, the added space for the bathroom should net out at approximately 6 feet by 7 1/2 feet.

Basically, we’re limited to vanities that are in between 28″ to 34″ wide and less than 20″ deep.

Now I need to narrow down what style of vanity we prefer.

→ Console Vanities. They definitely embrace the period of the home and provide that sophistication we’re looking for. With so many different styles, I think the decision will not be as straightforward as I initially thought it would be.

→ Vanity with cabinets. More contemporary and has the added bonus of extra storage. Granted, we already have a pretty large linen closet just outside the bathroom, how much more stuff do we need to accumulate? Regardless, I decided to check what out the options were.

Since most of the vanities with cabinets I loved were astronomically out of our price range, we opted to Go Console.

Consoles provide a timeless look, are extremely sophisticated and will provide the illusion of making the space feel larger.

And they are the new black.

I prefer a ceramic sink vs. the new resin basins that they are creating with the majority of the modern affordable vanities. Pretty sure that ceramic will last a few years longer, no?

Once the lengthy search was over, I came to the painful realization that consoles are generally more expensive than many of the vanities with cabinets. Finding one that fit my budget and space was going to be a bit more of a challenge than originally anticipated. Time to get a bit more creative…

Finally narrowed it down to two different brands.

Primo – Porcher Lutezia 28″ Console Lavatory

I love the brushed nickel legs of the Porcher console. Beautifully crafted. The only problem is that there is little to no counter space on the sink, which poses a slight issue for placing any hairdryers, brushes etc…I began a hunt for a different options with only the legs and found a retailer who could produce a custom top in any natural stone and under mount sink….for a reasonable-ish (really stressing the ISH) price point dependant on the stone I chose. The drawback is that the counter only provided about 3 inches or so of usable counter space on each side of the sink.

Damn… those legs are so hot though!

Secondo –  St.Thomas Creations Nouveau 34″ Console Lavatory

I found the St.Thomas online after hours of relentlessly surfing the net for a larger console with more counter space. The US bath retail website didn’t indicate where it was sold in Canada. After some process of elimination I figured out that Home Depot carried their toilets, so I called St.Thomas directly and they advised that Home Depot Canada does carry it, but only in the chrome. The counter space was about 8″ on each side of the sink, which was a bonus.  The rep at St.Thomas advised that the Nouveau was being discontinued, so I had to make a decision fast.

St.Thomas… Rhymes with winning! Anyone?

Let’s special order this baby in!



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