Refresh, revive and reinvigorate in the New Year!

Almost a full year has passed and we’re starting to get that familiar itch…the reno bug.

The hard work that we put into the kitchen last year absolutely paid off. It’s a totally functional space and a pleasure to create delicious dishes.  Super inspirational and we absolutely love it.

Unlike our bathroom!

So…It’s about time we get our sleeves rolled up and start working again.

Even though it has period features such as original basket weave marble tiles (not in the best shape), subway surround on the walls and cast iron soaker tub… it is super TINY. We can barely sit on the toilet comfortably without hitting the bathtub with our knees.

While we’re on the topic of the bathtub, it has a whole lotta of issues.

Rust soaked bath anyone? I don’t know about you, but that sounds like an amazing option for relaxation.

Rusty Cast Iron Tub

Bathroom fit for a 7 pound dog

Builder vanity and poor lighting

Love the cracked tile look. This can only mean an unlevelled floor.

Who doesn’t enjoy bathing with a disintegrated drywall?


We decided that our bathroom renovation plan needs to look like this:

1. Complete Gut

2. Remove a very small closet that is adjacent to the bathroom, so that we can gain at least 2 feet of space. We can push back the vanity and toilet which would allow at least 2 people in the bathroom at one time.

3. Find a vanity and tub that actually fits the space

4. Keep the linen closet which is already outside of the bathroom to maximize the space in the bathroom

5. Bring back the period details in a modern way

Obviously this only means one thing. Time to roll up our sleeves and seriously hit the mortar again.

I am a little worried about tearing down the walls.  I like surprises, but not at the expense of  depleting my bank account.

I began researching the look for the bathroom and there are so many choices that we could go with.

→ Provence inspired with period details

→ Love the warm industrial feel of these bathrooms

→ The Clockwork Orange look below is cool but it may be a little far fetched and bordering on Scarface.

Come on, who doesn’t want lighted floors in their bathroom? Incredible.


We decided to blend Provence with period details and infuse industrial wherever possible. Re-create a luxury hotel feel with our limited budget.

On to the next step…finding the right vanity which will drive the foundation of the storyboard for the design.

Shouldn’t be that complicated, right? 


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