Slab Heaven

Since we finally narrowed down the type of countertop, it was time to take a trip down to the local slab yard.

Thanks to our neighbours reco, we headed over to Toronto Granite in Mississauga.

The office space is small and filled with some great samples of granite, quartz and marble. Immediately, I saw Bianca. It was love at first sight. I was hoping Bianca was part of the quartzite family. And she was.

The thing I did find out from the owner, was that quartzite in fact did need to be sealed…as it is similar to granite. I was slightly disappointed as most of the posts I read about quartzite advised that it didn’t need to be sealed. The other thing was that the price tag was pretty hefty for this particular stone (2,700 installed).

Of course, I had to reason with myself…Some people drop that on a handbag per season, right?

Disclosure: This is definitely not the right way to talk yourself into purchasing a countertop.

The owner advised us to go to the building around the corner where they have the slabs and to pick out the one we like. If we were lucky, we would find an off cut slab and it would be cheaper for us. Like half the price. The chances would be slim for the Bianca as it’s an exclusive stone…we went over and rolled the dice.

Quartzite Bianca (Luce di Luna)

Quartzite Bianca Calcutta

We asked the warehouse manager if they possibly had an off cut slab of the Bianca and he said they rarely do… BUT he had one off cut slab of the Bianca Calcutta and brought us to the back.

And that’s when the magic happened.


It took 2 weeks from the date of purchase to installation…It was well worth the wait. Oh, and Mother V has also been installed.

I never realized all the prep work involved to ensure that the countertop is a seamless fit. 2 and half hours to be exact.

The installers were really pleased with the way the cabinets were installed as they were perfectly level, which enabled them to avoid having to level the countertop themselves. Kudoos to Bill!

The gorgeous new (sealed) Quartzite Bianca Calcutta countertop

Chris and I decided to try and install (not fully) the faucet that we recently purchased at Lowe’s to get an idea of how it looks like and if it would fit with the overall design.

Rewind a few months ago…My mom just recently renovated her kitchen and she sent me a photo of her industrial faucet – which we immediately loved. We set out to find a similar faucet that would work for our space.  Who says the faucet should be boring? Let’s use something daring!

I think it looks pretty SWEET. Love when things fall into place!!!

NEXT:  Finalizing the Crown Moulding, Fridge cabinets (we finally received the replacement cabinets!), Dishwasher Cabinet, Hood fan, Backsplash, Hardware, Door Frame and Corner Cabinet.

I’m hoping to get the remaining hit list done by the weekend. Wishful thinking, I know.

A bientôt!

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